Software Developer focused on creating technology that empowers people and solves real world problems.

About Me

Data exists all around us. It is the temperature of every environment, the revenue for every company, and the formula of every chemical. In this era of rapid technological advancement, understanding this data is critical. My name is Anish Kachinthaya, and I am currently a senior at Dublin High School. I am intrigued by the field of artificial intelligence and seek to create algorithms and computational models that can detect patterns within data that often even humans cannot perceive. I aspire to become a Machine Learning and AI Strategist at a technology company, incorporating pioneering research from this developing field within the industry and guiding companies on ethical issues surrounding AI. To achieve this goal, I plan to pursue a Bachelor's degree within the general fields of computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering, as well as a Master's degree in artificial intelligence and potentially a Doctorate degree.

I am currently in Dublin High School’s Engineering and Design Academy and a member of Gael Force Robotics, which I have been a part of for the past three years. I am also a tech enthusiast, video editor, graphic designer, and researcher. Although I’ve been a tinkerer ever since I was young, I was first introduced to coding in fourth grade, with MIT's Scratch. Fascinated by turning my imagination to reality, I took hold of every opportunity to learn more about what I could do with it, expanding my experience through projects in Python, Javascript, Web Development, and C++. By taking courses such as Principles of Engineering, AP Computer Science Applications, Introduction to Engineering, and Computing Fundamentals I, I have gained a strong background in fundamental engineering concepts. Through hackathons, competitions, and personal projects, I have gained a practical and hands-on understanding of STEM innovation.

These experiences have shaped my love for engineering so I hope to one day use them and advance technology as we know it. I would like to thank anyone who puts aside the time to take a look at my portfolio!

For more information, feel free to check out my resume.